Trouble on the Ice

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Author: Nicola Baxter
Join Rosa and Tom as they travel to the frozen North...and into a whole world of trouble! Silly situations, repeated vocabulary and bright pictures on every page help children to feel confident as they develop their reading skills. The book introduces words such as anchor, iceberg and whale - all of which are encountered by Rosa and Tom. Learning to read is snow trouble at all with this exciting and amusing adventure. It's fun to start reading with this troublesome tale! The book can be used in a number of different ways to help young readers build confidence. You can begin by reading the illustrated words at the edge of each left-hand page with your child. Have an ice time spotting the same terms in the story itself, as explorers Rosa and Tom slip and slide, and have their camera stolen by a polar bear. Finally, all the illustrated words can be found on the last two pages of the book, so you and your child can enjoy checking all the phrases that you can now read together!
Page Extent: 24 Pages

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