Unoffical Pokemon Go Battle

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The Unofficial Pokemon Go Expert Battle Guide contains tips, tricks, secrets, character guides, statistics, and much more to help you win every Gym battle and become a Battle Master overnight.Includes comprehensive battle statistics for every Pokemon, from strengths and weaknesses and special moves, to recommendations for ideal opponents. Plus this expert's guide features insider insight from gaming expert Matt Yeo and former editor of Pokemon World magazine Russell Murray on how to prepare your PokeDex, formulate strategies, build alliances, and take control of Gyms in your area and beyond!So if you want to step into battle and defeat them all, The Unofficial Pokemon Go Expert Battle Guide is the ultimate handbook for you. With this exhaustive guide in your corner, you'll never lose another battle!For the perfect beginner's guide to all things Pokemon Go check out The Unofficial Pokemon Go Field Guide - essential reading for anyone looking to step up their Pokemon Go game!
Paperback, 208 pages

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